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Connecting the DOTS™

to Vibrant  Health 

A 10-Week Online Course 


What is NeuroBiology Reprogramming?
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MODULE 1 - Emergency Rescue 101

  • Disrupting the stress input to your cells 

  • Introduction to modern mindfulness with I.P.A. (beginners to intermediate)

  • Adapting your own tailor-made practice to suit your daily rhythm  


MODULE 2 - Anchoring life-force 

  • Identifying your daily habits & sources of stress - coping mechanisms

  • Setting yourself free from the mental-emotional merry go-around 

  • Accessing the healing information in every breath you take


MODULE 3 - Initiate Contact with the Inner Physician

  • Anchoring your practice - Unplugging usual emotional response

  • Changing habitual mental patterns

  • Clearing the ground for healing or more energy

MODULE 4 - Accessing Constant Healing Flow

  • Alkalizing your body-mind

  • Reclaiming pieces of you lost in the past and future to create a better now

  • Letting yourself off-the-hook and learning to care for self

Each module includes:

  • Theory - To create new neural pathways & open the way for solid change

  • Experience, exercises & guided meditation - To transmute mental understanding into experiential, cellular absorption 

  • Materials to keep and revisit at your own leisure - lifetime replay

Homework (Optional) I highly recommend that you keep a journal so you can track your own progress & keep acknowledging your efforts & progress

MODULE 5 - YOU: The User's Manual 

  • Harnessing the power of your mind to serve you - no longer be at its mercy

  • Identifying and neutralizing health-bankrupting beliefs

  • Download the clearing system for mental programming

MODULE 6 - Increasing Healing / Energizing Flow  

  • Anchoring your mind power - Connecting the DOTS™ to your inner family

  • Taking and inventory of your expected hereditary lineage

  • Changing your mental imprint & choosing your prognosis


MODULE 7- Living in Trust & Inspiration

  • The marriage between mind and matter - beliefs and your physical body - Epigenetics

  • Healing the internal divide & your contribution to the Field of energy all around you (including children, grand-children, parents, siblings and friends)

  • Heart and mind coherence - Emotional Independence - Resilience - Freedom

MODULE 8 - Body Intelligence & MOJO Blast

  • Heart coherence (continued) - The new prayer  

  • Identifying your emotional default setting 

  • Developing gut feeling & inner trust - Tuning into your Inner Physician / Guide / Teacher to receive timely information  

MODULE 9 - Preventative Awareness  

  • Alkaline food, recipes, oils and detox baths

  • Secrets of longevity (studied from people all around the world)

  • Review of your full mind-emotion-body mechanisms


MODULE 10 - MY GIFT TO YOU - Your clearing (only done for groups)

  • This is the part where you will write in with what you would like cleared, and receive a group clearing.  

PREPARATION FOR THE COURSE (Highly recommended but optional)


Get 'Resilience with NeuroBiology Reprogramming' from Amazon in all format - Book blurb here


A copy book or diary so you can track your own progress & keep acknowledging your efforts & progress

This 10-Module Course (lifelong-replay) is available for purchase online now.

Course investment €499.00  

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This is a stand-alone course, or it can be taken as part of the Mentorship

Please reach out to ask any questions or discuss the suitability of these materials, I am right here!

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F A Q s


Q: Can I be guaranteed a healing of my condition using NBR™ 

A: Whether you get treated in mainstream, using allopathic medicine or choose to help yourself with natural medicine and healing, there are no guarantees so I won't give you any false promises. However, and in my experience, if you learn to connect to your source of inner healing, in connection with lifeforce / Natural Intelligence, there is no end of the possible miracles that can take place!

Q: Are there any side effects of using NBR™ ?

A: Yes, the most commons are peace of mind, joy, fulfilment, or t the very least, a serious shift in consciousness. 

Q: Dr. Dugast, are you a GP (general practitioner) ?

A: No I am not a general practitioner. My doctorate is in metaphysical science. My bio is here. I used to specialize in natural medicine (my original qualification), but quickly found out that best results were created from education-based self-healing and subconscious clearing in preparation for healing (or anything else that needs shifting for that matter, such as relationships, self-confidence, etc.)  

Q: Is there anything I can do to prepare ? 

A: Yes you can get Resilience with Neurobiology Reprogramming™ if you would like, as you might like to have a format you can also follow on paper (I am old fashion like that... I like paper format!) AND please DO get yourself a journal, which can be a simple copy book. 

I absolutely look forward to having you on-board to creating your new health & energy plan!

With Love, Appreciation & Outrageous Belief in YOU!

 Mahayana xox

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