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A 10-Week Online Course 

COURSE CONTENT & Origin of NeuroBiology Reprogramming™

What is NeuroBiology Reprogramming™? 

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I N T R O  &  F A Q s


The origin of neurobiology as a mainstream science

Neurobiology is a sub-division of neuroscience and biology. Neurobiology is very simply the electrical system that processes the information between the brain and the rest of the body.

Very simply: if there is stress, fear, worry, guilt, inability to forgive self and others, self-disapproval, etc. in the mind, this the impulse that informs the rest of the body, and this is how we end up ill, or at least lacking fulfillment, joy, loving energy & MOJO. 

The origin of Neurobiology Reprogramming™ - NBR™ for short

NBR™ is a method that I have developed over the last 3 decades, largely from having personally suffered all kinds of 'hereditary' illnesses, and having contributed to clearing habits and reductionary mindsets in my clients and course participants internationally. More on NBR™ click here.

Q: What is NBR™ based upon?

A: It includes [easy-to-follow] neuroscience, epigenetics and ancient spiritual tradition. It is the marriage between the latest, most advanced scientific research and powerful ancient spiritual tradition, adapted to today's world so it is relevant to your fast and busy life. We use 2 main practices, which are wildly researched and proven to be highly effective. Modern Mindfulness (with a new take on it, adapted and tailor-made to your busy life) and Mental & Emotional Resilience, learning how to transform your own mind plasticity by affecting the subconscious mind in a positive way.


Harvard University research on the effects of mindfulness here and there

Research on the power of the subconscious mind here and there for anyone interested in sports & athletic training. 

Upon completion of the course, you will end up with 3 steps that you can use as you go about your busy day, and a daily ritual that will take you 3 min in the morning and 3 min at night (which can be practiced in bed once you are trained). 

Q: How does the 'reprogramming' part of the method work? Is this something I have to 'do' per se?

A: The great news is that the 'reprogramming' is something you don't have to worry about!  The 'reprogramming' part of this method is about allowing the same life-force that is already running your biology [e.g. organizing your heart beats] to do its job.


All you have to do is practice the 3 steps given, which will enable you to develop ultimate mental and emotional resilience. This is the basis of phenomenal physical resilience, healing, and re-energizing the physical body. 

Your part and ultimate responsibility is to simply practice these 3 steps daily, which you can consider a ritual / a self-discipline. The steps given will allow your mind plasticity to change and allow for constant healing flow to take care of your biology in the way that it was designed to do.  


Q: If I just use the steps while I am on the course, will I benefit from the effects of NBR™?

A: I'll be straight up with you and say that if you are not prepared to include a 3 min daily ritual that will ensure that you position yourself to be the healthiest, most empowered, and have the most healing energy flowing through you 24-7, free from mental resistances, this course is probably not for you. 

** I highly recommend that you sit down and use a little self-introspection by tuning-in, and ask yourself if you are prepared to do what it takes to take care of YOU. As you have probably worked out by now, nobody else will unless you do... So while I will certainly assist you with loving support, amazing information and by giving your simple steps to use, you need to decide if you want to help yourself.

YES! I want to find out if this is for me during a quick exploration call!


MODULE 1 - Emergency Rescue 101

  • Disrupting the stress input to your cells 

  • Introduction to modern mindfulness with I.P.A. (beginners to intermediate)

  •  Adapting your own tailor-made practice to suit your daily rhythm  


MODULE 2 - Anchoring life-force 

  • Identifying your daily habits & sources of stress - coping mechanisms

  • Setting yourself free from the mental-emotional merry go-around 

  • Accessing the healing information in every breath you take


MODULE 3 - Initiate Contact with the Inner Physician

  • Anchoring your practice - Unplugging usual emotional response

  • Changing habitual mental patterns

  • Creating new possibilities 

MODULE 4 - Accessing Constant Healing Flow

  • Alkalizing your body-mind

  • Reclaiming pieces of you lost in the past - creating a new future

  • Letting yourself off-the-hook and developing a caring self

Each module includes:

  • Theory - To create new neural pathways & open the way for solid change

  • Experience, exercises & guided meditation - To transmute mental understanding to emotional, cellular absorption 

  • Materials to keep and revisit at your own leisure - lifetime replay

Homework (Optional) I highly recommend that you keep a journal so you can track your own progress & keep acknowledging your efforts & progress

MODULE 5 - YOU: The User's Manual 

  • Harnessing the power of your mind to serve you - no longer be at its mercy

  • Identifying and neutralizing health-bankrupting beliefs

  • Download of clearing system 

MODULE 6 - Increasing Healing / Energizing Flow  

  • Anchoring your mind power - Connecting the DOTS™ to your inner family

  • Taking and inventory of your expected hereditary lineage

  • Changing your mental imprint & choosing your prognosis


MODULE 7- Living in Trust & Inspiration

  • The marriage between mind and matter - beliefs and your physical body - Epigenetic

  • Healing the internal divide & your contribution to the Field of energy all around you (including children, grand-children, parents, siblings and friends)

  • Heart and mind coherence - Emotional Independence - Resilience - Freedom

MODULE 8 - Body Intelligence & MOJO Blast

  • Heart coherence (continued) - The new prayer  

  • Identifying your emotional default setting 

  • Developing gut feeling & inner trust - Tuning into your Inner Physician to receive timely information  

MODULE 9 - Preventative Awareness  

  • Alkaline food, recipes, oils and detox baths

  • Secrets of longevity (studied from people all around the world)

  • Connecting the DOTS™ review to your full mind-emotion-body mechanisms


MODULE 10 - MY GIFT TO YOU - Your clearing 

  • This is the part where you will write in with what you would like cleared, you will receive a group clearing where you will participate, and I will also work once the call is over, a process that I use that take up to 2 hours. 

PREPARATION FOR THE COURSE (Highly recommended but optional)


Get 'Resilience with NeuroBiology Reprogramming' from Amazon in all format - Blurb here


A copy book or diary so you can track your own progress & keep acknowledging your efforts & progress

This 10-Module Course is available for purchase online, anytime.

Course investment €499.00  

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It is a stand-alone course, or can be taken as part of a Mentorship

Please reach out to ask any questions or discuss the suitability of these materials, I am right here!

F A Q s


Q: Can I be guaranteed a healing of my condition using NBR™ 

A: Whether you get treated in mainstream, using allopathic medicine or choose to help yourself with natural medicine and healing, there are no guarantees. In fact, there is such a thing as 'Iatrogenic' which is a word that describes the casualties (including the many deaths) caused by wrongful diagnosis or prescription. It so turns out that this is the 3rd leading cause of death...


Of course there is a time and a place for everything, particularly when you know how to listen-in to your body and its state of health, and can steer yourself in the best possible direction... for you. This is what we learn on the course, and I can also assure you that no one has ever died from using NBR.


Q: Are there any side effects of using NBR™ ?

A: Yes, the most common being peace of mind. While there are side effect to almost every drug prescribed on the market, there is absolutely no negative side effect to using NBR™.

Q: Dr. Dugast, are you a GP (general practitioner) ?

A: No I am not a general practitioner. My doctorate is in metaphysics, and I specialize in natural medicine, education-based healing, subconscious clearing and mindset reconditioning in preparation for healing or to transform another aspect of your life (finances, relationships, self-confidence, etc.)  

Q: Is there anything I can do to prepare ? 

A: Yes you can get Resilience with Neurobiology Reprogramming™ if you would like, as you might like to have a format you can also follow on paper (I am old fashion like that... I like paper format!) AND please DO get yourself a journal, which can be a simple copy book. 

I absolutely look forward to having you on-board to creating your new health & energy plan for 2018!

With Love, Appreciation & Outrageous Belief in YOU!



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