Connecting the DOTS™ to Your Potential
NBRPractitioner Course & Foundation for NBR Teachers
Modern Mindfulness (for impatient people!) &
Mental Resilience (clear subconscious hereditary lineage - create unprecedented results)
Much more than the sum of its parts, Connecting the DOTS™
is a full course in Human Leadership & Self-Realisation 
Learn to Free & Empower Yourself 

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Designed for busy people who want to:
  • Regain or develop a sense of fulfillment  
  • Learn to turn adversity to advantage & possibilities into opportunities 
  • Develop or regain mental-emotional independence, resilience and freedom
  • Learn how to clear repetitive fear-based thinking, negative anticipation and daily worry to make room for innovative and inspired thinking  
  • Create new ground in your personal & professional life

PART 1 - NBR™ Fundamentals - Modern Mindfulness & Self-Realisation - Available Online Now

PART 2 - NBR™ Fundamentals - Resilience - Mental / Emotional / Physical - Available Online Now

EXTRAORDINARY POTENTIAL is available to you and it begins right within your mind.

To put it simply, you can either learn how to regain control of your mind, or it is controlling you. It may be causing you pain and suffering by replaying the same scenarios endlessly and restricting access to your inherent potential.

Whether you need to let go of something in the past, you want to regain fulfilment or develop the internal resources you need to create your idea of success, all of it begins within you. All of it begins in your mind. 


PERHAPS ADVERSITY has knocked on your door in such a way that it has become impossible for you to ignore the changes that need to be made...


OR YOU MAY HAVE TRIED to change external circumstances (partners, jobs, etc.) in the hope of feeling better or more fulfilled, only to find out that this didn't produced the anticipated results...  

YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT in order to get different results, you need to do something different and I am pleased to confirm that you are at the right address to do just that. You will derive extraordinary benefit from this course, 

A  warm welcome to you!

YES! I am SICK of living in the past and cutting myself short! I am ready to get FREE!

This self-realisation method is the culmination of

3 decades of experience, research practice and teaching.

Based on the latest research on neuroscience, using well-trialled ancient practices,

NBR is designed to be adapted to fit our fast pace and busy lifestyles. 

''You are far more powerful than you were led to believe.''  -- Dr. Dugast

Total daily time investment required for this to be effective is

A total of 6 minutes per day. 3 min in the morning and 3 min at night.


This 3-step method will gradually allow you to: 


* Free yourself from the past, usual fears and worries, and negative anticipation

* Live from a place of authenticity - loving and accepting who you are - talents and gifts 

* Regain fulfilment and increase well-being

* Learn to gain control over your mind and use it to suit you rather than being at its mercy  

* Learn to accept your feelings without self-medicating, despair or denial

* Develop inner trust, a sense of security, confidence and courage to make progress and create what you have in mind

* Learn how to access and increase your personal & professional potential 

* Learn to become ultimately resilient when the going gets tough while acutalizing your most cherished plans and aspirations

NBR™ Fundamentals - Modules 1-4 - The basis of self-realisation

Modern Mindfulness (for impatient people!) 


4 modules focused on regaining access to your inherent source of power and potential


Week 1: Learn a simple Master Tool (BBC tool 1) to regain instant resourcefulness & turn any kind of daily adversity to your own advantage - At home and at the office.

Week 2: Adapt your practice to your personal life so it is INTEGRATED and can therefore be used as you go about your busy day - this is the essence of progress, transformation and real success. Daily self-discipline makes permanent. 

Week 3: Learn Master tool 2 (BBME) to free yourself free from the mental-emotional tyrannical merry-go-around. Regain self-confidence, trust and self-mastery as you reconnect to your Authentic Self.

Week 4: Become a wilful & conscious time-traveller so you can harness your creative / innovative mental power to create unprecedented results - Preparing for Resilience (part 2) of the NBR™ program.



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Investment: €197.00

NBR™ Fundamentals Part 1


YES! I am ready to clear away the old... and make new grounds in my life NOW!

NBR™ Fundamentals Part 2


This  6-week training will allow to transform deep seated, long standing personal success inhibitors. You will learn how to adapt it to the concerns that cause you most worry right now, or the area of your life that you would like to take to the next level. 


The focus and the practice given is designed to: 

- Set yourself free from long-term mental-emotional patterns

- Regain or increase inner trust, self-confidence, self-esteem

- Get a simple way to develop the courage & energy to take new steps and transform your area of concern at present, personal and professional. Everything begins in you. 


Week 5 - Mental Resilience / Mastery Part 1: Reconnecting your 2 minds to become bio-congruent with your goals (Master tool 3 & adaptation of it in the next 5 modules)

Week 6 - Mental Resilience / Mastery Part 2: Your mind is your most precious asset / software. Here you will receive a 'clearing download' for your mind, and 2 simple tools to keep clearing old fear-based programs, while you take new steps in your life.

Week 7 - Emotional Resilience / Mastery Part 1: Learn the true functions and uses of your emotions. Emotional independence / emotional freedom.

Week 8 - Emotional Resilience / Mastery Part 2: Learn how to clear self-defeating programs, including the hereditary ones. Poverty mindset / dis-empowering values and beliefs. 

Week 9 - Physical Resilience / Mastery: The application of the full NBR™ to your professional endeavours. Creating a personal map to close the gap between challenges and goals. 

Week 10 - Human Leadership: Communication & application of NBR™ to become a leader in your own life - Develop the heart of conscious Leadership. The essence of success. Developing and sharing your gifts and talents. 



Scroll down for FAQs and to see how other people have benefited at at home page

To book the course using PayPal or Bank transfer contact us

Investment: €297.00


I am not very 'techy' I want to make sure I can do this... 


  • Whatever your preferred learning style, this course will support you with tutorials available in a range of formats including video, PowerPoint and word documents. This course can be taken as part of one of the Mentorship packages offered here.

  • Easy-to-follow exercises & access will encourage you to apply the concepts you learn in practice, leading you to immense personal benefits from this groundbreaking approach. This is something you can follow wherever you are. 

  • This course is life-long replay and a copy of all modules and coaching will be available for download to your computer upon completion 


I am quite familiar with all this and would love to increase my reach by qualifying as a Teacher 


​Can I teach what I have learnt with the practitioner training?
No, you may not teach the materials learnt during the practitioner training - all materials are copyrighted, and normal copyright laws abide. Please visit out Terms & Conditions.


However, you can certainly apply for the NeuroBiology Reprogramming™ Teacher's Training, which will enable you to teach one of the best and most complete Mindfulness & Resilience programmes available today - very popular in corporations, businesses, colleges, schools and for the general public. 


The Teacher Training is built in a way that you will prepare for your first seminar while we are together, and make sure that you get your investment back as you organise your first venture. Book a call to inquire about the Teacher Training.

Is there any preparation required before doing this series of modules?
No. However, you will benefit much from reading ''
RESILIENCE for Personal & Professional Success'' which is available in Amazon in all formats (in print and for all e-readers). Also a good book to have a hand while you train and to support your learning.


Rod O'Callaghan

Chartered Account, Ireland

I really enjoyed working with Mahayana. She is a genuine, authentic person and a caring and professional coach & mentor.

She delivers on her promises, and her work was created from first-hand experience. All rare qualities nowadays.

The content of her materials is quite serious and very enjoyable, and well worth practicing if you want peace of mind and professional resilience. This has improved how I approach and live my life and work at my business. Thank you.

Charlotte Böving

Art Director, Iceland

The work of Mindfulness & Resilience with Neurobiology Reprogramming™ is no less than fantastic.  

Through daily use of the tools Mahayana shared with me, I experienced a complete life change. I now have more joy, peace and ease in everything I do.

It has simply become more enjoyable and richer to be me and both professional and private my surroundings benefit from this change. Thank you for this gift Mahayana

Gráinne Lynch

IT Training Manager IR

Ever feel like part of you is in a box and you are the only person that can let yourself out, but you have misplaced the key?

Dr. Dugast's course 'Connecting the DOTS™' (Mindfulness & Personal Resilience) helps to unpick the lock on the box of potential.

I just loved taking the online course; the duration, the pace, the tools, the love, the kindness and the everlasting changes that have been forged by knowing and understanding that the keys to my own power lie within me.


with NeuroBiology Reprogramming

‘‘You are far more powerful than you were led to believe.’’

Dr. Dugast offers a precise blueprint to uncovering and harnessing what is already yours by nature: Bullet-proof resilience.

Her simple step-by-step approach allows you to understand the inner functioning of your mind, which gives you the ability to have it work for you, rather than be at its mercy.


As you develop mental resilience, you will also gain emotional and physical resilience and your goals and your ability to win at the game of life will become more certain.

Written for leaders, entrepreneurs, parents and anyone who wants to grab hold of their life and take it to the next level, Resilience will allow you to literally ‘upgrade’ your mindset, and regain true self-confidence, in readiness for success. Dr. Dugast AUTHOR PAGE Dr. Dugast AUTHOR PAGE

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