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NeuroBiology Reprogramming

Full Practitioner Program 
Foundational Course for Teachers

Learn to Free & Empower Yourself 


Designed for busy people who want to:
  • Regain or develop a sense of fulfilment  
  • Learn to turn adversity to advantage & possibilities into opportunities 
  • Develop or regain mental-emotional independence,  freedom & resilience 
  • Learn how to clear repetitive fear-based thinking, negative anticipation and daily worry to make room for enjoyment, as well as innovative and inspired thinking  
  • Create new grounds in your personal & professional life
PART 1: Active Mindfulness - 4 weeks

PART 2: Freedom from Mental programming - 6 weeks

Both programs are available online now - Contact us for details 

EXTRAORDINARY POTENTIAL is available to you and it begins right within your mind.

To put it simply, you can either learn how to regain control of your mind, or it is controlling you. Right now, it may be causing you pain and suffering by replaying the same scenarios endlessly, and restricting access to your inherent potential.

Whether you need to let go of something in the past, you want to regain fulfilment, learn to access peace of mind or develop the internal resources you need to actualize your plans and experience your heart's desire, all of it begins within you. All of it begins in your mind. 


PERHAPS ADVERSITY has knocked on your door in such a way that it has become impossible for you to ignore the changes that you know you need to make.


OR YOU MAY HAVE TRIED to change external circumstances (partners, jobs, etc.) in the hope of feeling better or more fulfilled, only to find out that this didn't produced the anticipated results.  

YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT in order to get different results, you need to do something different, and I am pleased to confirm that this is precisely what you will learn through this course, if you decide this is for you. Please enjoy the intro webinar, and I wholeheartedly welcome you here. 


Yes, I am ready to do what it takes to set myself free

NBR™ Fundamentals - Modules 1-4 - The basis of self-realisation

Active Mindfulness 


4 modules focused on extending the practice of mindfulness to your daily life


Week 1: Learn a simple Master Tool (BBC tool 1) to regain instant resourcefulness & turn daily adversity to your own advantage, useful at home and at work.

Week 2: Adapt your practice to your personal life so it is integrated and can therefore be used as you go about your busy day. Daily practice makes permanent. 

Week 3: Learn Master Tool 2 (BBME) to free yourself free from the mental-emotional tyrannical merry-go-around. Regain self-confidence, self-trust as you learn to live from your Inner Being, source of calm, wisdom and potential.

Week 4: Become a wilful & conscious time-traveller so you can stay connected to the now moment, preparing the ground to begin clearing mental programming and unwanted hereditary lineage. (NBR™ part 2)


Scroll down for FAQs and to see how other people have benefited at at home page

To book & access the course using PayPal or Bank Transfer, contact us

Investment: €197.00

NBR™ Fundamentals Part1


Yes! I am ready to clear away the old... and make room for the new in my life NOW!

NBR™ Fundamentals Part 2



The practice is designed to: 

- Set yourself free from recent or long-term mental-emotional patterns / habits / fears

- Help you regain (or increase) inner trust, self-confidence, self-esteem

- Allow to enjoy the first two steps you already learned, a sense of peace and calm, and to make room for inspired living.  


Week 5 - The Mental Body Part 1: Learn how the mind works and prepare to become bio-congruent between thoughts, feelings and outcomes.  

Week 6 - Mental Body Part 2: Clearing of old fear-based programs + meditation.

Week 7 - Emotional Body Part 1: Learn the functions and uses of emotions.

Week 8 - Emotional Body Part 2: Identify your emotional 'default setting' to gain emotional independence / resilience & freedom. 

Week 9 - Physical Body / Environment and Results. The application of the full NBR™ practice to your personal and professional endeavours.  

Week 10 - Human Leadership: Communication & application of NBR™ for self-leadership, developing your innate capacity to follow inner guidance and access inspiration.  


Scroll down for FAQs and to see how other people have benefited at the home page

To book the course using PayPal or Bank transfer contact us

Investment: €297.00


  • Whatever your preferred learning style, this course will support you with tutorials available in a range of formats including video, PowerPoint and word documents. This course can be taken as part of the Mentorship packages offered here.

  • Easy-to-follow exercises & access will encourage you to apply the concepts you learn and adapt the practice to your own life situation. 

  • This online course is life-long replay and a copy of all modules and coaching will be available for direct download to your computer upon completion 

Watch the intro webinar 


​Can I teach what I have learnt with the practitioner training?
No, you may not teach the materials learnt during the practitioner training , h
owever, once you have done the course, if you think you would like to teach it, you can apply for the NeuroBiology Reprogramming™ Teacher's Training, which will enable you to teach one of the best and most complete Mindfulness & Resilience programmes available today - very popular in corporations, businesses, colleges, schools and equally timely for the general public. 


The Teacher Training is built in a way that you will prepare for your first seminar while we are together, and make sure that you get your investment back as you organise your first venture. If you have already completed this course, book a call to inquire about the Teacher Training.

Is there any preparation required before doing this series of modules?
No. However, you will benefit much from reading ''
RESILIENCE for Personal & Professional Success'' which is available at Amazon in all formats (in print and for all e-readers). Also a good book to have a hand while you train and to support your learning.


Rod O'Callaghan

Chartered Account, Ireland

I really enjoyed working with Mahayana. She is a genuine, authentic person and a caring and professional coach & mentor.

She delivers on her promises, and her work was created from first-hand experience. All rare qualities nowadays.

The content of her materials is quite serious and very enjoyable, and well worth practicing if you want peace of mind and professional resilience. This has improved how I approach and live my life and work at my business. Thank you.

Charlotte Böving

Art Director, Iceland

The work of Mindfulness & Resilience with Neurobiology Reprogramming™ is no less than fantastic.  

Through daily use of the tools Mahayana shared with me, I experienced a complete life change. I now have more joy, peace and ease in everything I do.

It has simply become more enjoyable and richer to be me and both professional and private my surroundings benefit from this change. Thank you for this gift Mahayana

Gráinne Lynch

IT Training Manager IR

Ever feel like part of you is in a box and you are the only person that can let yourself out, but you have misplaced the key?

Dr. Dugast's course 'Connecting the DOTS™' (Mindfulness & Personal Resilience) helps to unpick the lock on the box of potential.

I just loved taking the online course; the duration, the pace, the tools, the love, the kindness and the everlasting changes that have been forged by knowing and understanding that the keys to my own power lie within me.

with NeuroBiology Reprogramming


Fed up seeing history repeat itself ?


Learn how to clear limiting beliefs at the speed of thought so you can blaze a trail and finally enjoy your version of success. At work and in your private life.  


Dr. Mahayana I. Dugast (Ph.D. Metaphysics) is the founder of NeuroBiology Reprogramming™ (NBR™), a self-empowering 3-step practice created from over 30 years of experience.

Resilience with NeuroBiology Reprogramming™ for Personal & Professional Success shows you precisely how to own your mind and have it work for you rather than being at its mercy. In short, silence your ‘inner critic’ so you can finally create what you have in mind, and at heart.

NBR™ is a simple 3-step practice adapted to suit your fast and busy life for instant benefits & maximum results.

You will also learn:

  • How to beat anxiety

  • how to stop being insecure

  • how to stop bad habits (they all begin with self-depreciating thoughts!)


Resulting in your feeling freer, building self worth and regaining self empowerment.

Many resilience powerful practices are included in this book, as well as exercises, case studies and lists of common limiting beliefs that can be cleared such as:

At work: 

  • My boss is a tyrant

  • This company doesn’t pay very well

  • I was never good with money

  • I’m too old to start investing / creating a business I love, etc.!


At home:

  • My partner is not very loving

  • All the good men / women are taken

  • He doesn’t see me / She doesn’t appreciate me, etc.!

BUY Resilience with NeuroBiology ReprogrammingTODAY and


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