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The origin of neurobiology as a mainstream science

Neurobiology is a sub-division of neuroscience and biology. Neurobiology is very simply the electrical system that processes the information between the brain and the rest of the body.

The origin of Neurobiology Reprogramming™ - NBR™ 

NBR™ is a method that Mahayana has developed over the last 3 decades, based on research, experience and practice. It came into existence as she sought effective ways of moving beyond personal hardships and limitations, including poverty mindset, hereditary illness and family patterns based in lack.

NBR™ is a fundamental science based on self-realisation education and geared towards self-empowerment.

It helps participants to regain access to their core self, also known as pure human potential or Natural Intelligence.
NBR™ is largely solution-oriented, it proposes, although not always evident at first, that problems and challenges offer us the opportunity to reconnect with our true source of success and fulfilment. 

NBR™ incorporates a simple yet profound 3-step mind-body practise that participants learn to adapt to the busiest of lifestyles. 
It includes Modern Mindfulness (1) practices and a process (The DELETE Key™) to clear the imprint of the 0-7 Subconscious Factor.  


This method leans on the latest neuroscience research and cutting-edge epigenetics science(2), allowing practitioners to clear their own family


(1) traditional spiritual mindfulness practises made relevant to today’s fast and busy modern life.

(2) the influence of thought on the genetic expression of our DNA: Dr. Bruce Lipton

Very simply: Thoughts (conscious and subconscious) inform your feelings and literally shape your destiny by the actions you take or do not take. This includes your health, level of fulfillment and energy, but also your level of professional success and your ability to create financial independence and freedom.  


NeuroBiology Reprogramming™ is simply about changing your own 'internal wiring' so you can have more ease actualizing your goals and heart's deepest desire, while enjoying more fulfilment.  


Q: What is NBR™ based upon?

A: It is the merging of [easy-to-follow] neuroscience, epigenetics and ancient spiritual tradition. It is the marriage between the latest, most advanced scientific research and powerful ancient spiritual tradition, adapted to today's world so it is relevant to your fast and busy life. 


We use 2 main practices, which are wildly researched and proven to be highly effective. Modern Mindfulness (adapted and tailor-made to your busy life) and Mental & Emotional Resilience, learning how to transform your own mind plasticity by affecting the subconscious mind in a positive way.


Harvard University research on the effects of mindfulness here and there

Research on the power of the subconscious mind here and there for anyone interested in sports & athletic training. 

Upon completion of the course, you will end up with 3 steps that you can use as you go about your busy day, and a daily self-discipline / ritual that will take you 3 min in the morning and 3 min at night.  

Q: How does the 'reprogramming' part of the method work? Is this something I have to 'do' per se?

A: The great news is that the 'reprogramming' is something you don't have to worry about consciously!  The 'reprogramming' part of this method is about allowing the same Natural Intelligence or life-force that is already running your biology [e.g. organizing your heart beats] to do its job, unemcombered by fear-based thoughts. The result for you is the ability to take inspired steps in your life. Steps that can lead to the success you seek to experience. .


Your part is to practice the 3 steps given, which will enable you to develop ultimate mental and emotional resilience. As you increased the internal sense of confidence and security that comes from This method is very much about the development of self-leadership, This is the basis of phenomenal physical resilience, healing, and re-energizing the physical body. 

Your part and ultimate responsibility is to simply practice these 3 steps daily, which you can consider a ritual / a self-discipline. The steps given will allow your mind plasticity to change and allow for constant healing flow to take care of your biology in the way that it was designed to do.  


Q: If I just use the steps while I am on the course, will I benefit from the effects of NBR™?

A: I'll be straight up with you and say that if you are not prepared to include a 3 min daily ritual that will ensure that you position yourself to be the healthiest, most empowered, and have the most healing energy flowing through you 24-7, free from mental resistances, this course is probably not for you. 

** I highly recommend that you sit down and use a little self-introspection by tuning-in, and ask yourself if you are prepared to do what it takes to take care of YOU. As you have probably worked out by now, nobody else will unless you do... So while I will certainly assist you with loving support, amazing information and by giving your simple steps to use, you need to decide if you are ready to do what it takes and make the changes you have been expecting, they can only come from you.

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