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Origins of NeuroBiology Reprogramming

Freedom from Mental Programming
Regaining Self-Empowerment

Reclaiming your Human Sovereignty

I N T R O  &  F A Q s 

The origin of neurobiology as a mainstream science

Neurobiology is a sub-division of neuroscience and biology. Neurobiology is very simply the electrical system that processes the information between the brain and the rest of the body.

ORIGINS OF NeuroBiology Reprogramming - NBR 


NBR™ is a method that Mahayana has developed over the last 3 decades of practice, research and teaching.

It includes an active form of mindfulness (also known as 'walking mindfulness') and other ancient spiritual practices adapted to suit your daily life for a fuller integration between spirit and self, your practice and your life.

All is one, intricately connected.  

Each moment is an opportunity to experience life through your Inner Being, in presence, rather than through the mental or emotional constructs.


​NBR™ came into existence as Mahayana sought effective ways of moving beyond personal hardships and limitations, including past trauma and hereditary illness.  



NBR™ is a simple yet profound 3-step practice that makes use of daily living [including perceived adversity] to change the messaging within the body-mind from stress and entrapment to freedom and liberation.  


It proposes that problems and challenges are flags offering you an insight, an opportunity to change course, to reconnect with your true source of fulfilment, which is right within you now.


It includes two mindfulness practices, and a step called the DELETE Key™. All three steps are designed to change the neurobiological responses in the body from stress and fear to wellness, freedom and empowerment. 

The first two steps are what Mahayana calls 'integrated practical awareness'. These are not only useful to quickly reconnect to your Inner Being and get a break from the mental & emotional merry-go-around, but also to allow this wiser self to take over.

If you already practice sitting down, traditional meditation, it can greatly increase your capacity to remain conscious throughout your day. 

Harvard University research on the effects of mindfulness here and there

The DELETE Key™ is a tool that clears problematic subconscious imprints recorded during our first 7 years as a child, prior to that in utero, as well as long-term, unwanted hereditary lineage.  


Thoughts (conscious and subconscious) inform your emotions. Together, they become the feelings that literally shape your destiny through your choices and actions. Or lack thereof. This includes how you feel about yourself, your health and energy, level of fulfilment, your relationship with self and others and what is possible for you.


Thoughts govern everything about you and your life at large, including your level of professional success and capacity to contribute to others, because the way you experience your own life begins in self, reflecting outward, in the situations you encounter and dealings you have with people. And not the other way around as we were all taught.

The efficiency of the DELETE Key™ leans on the study of neuroscience and understanding of epigenetics.

Research on the power of the subconscious mind here and there for anyone also interested in sports & athletic training. 

In conclusion, the practice of NeuroBiology Reprogramming™ allows you to be more resilient, both mentally and emotionally, which leads to physical resilience. It can help you to rapidly bounce back upon meeting adversity.


It allows you to enjoy more fulfilment and have access to peace of mind at will, and see clearer when you feel you need guidance for decisions, or inspiration from your wiser self, useful in myriads of situations.


Besides a self-discipline/ritual that will take 3 min in the morning, and 3 min at night, NBR™ is a practice that you can use as you go about your day. Walking, talking, driving, working. The more you use it, the quicker it becomes a habit. The freer and more empowered you become.

Q & A 

Q: How does the 'reprogramming' part of the method work? Is this something I have to 'do' per se?

A: No. Besides practising the 3 steps, the whole point of NBR™ is that the 'reprogramming' is done by the same Natural, Universal Intelligence that already orchestrates your biology with intricate precision, and not the conscious / intellect/ego mind, which is limited. Even the best and most conscious intents are at the mercy of mental programming, so reprogramming yourself through your own conscious mind can only yield ephemeral and limited results.   


Q: If I just use the steps while I am on the course, will I benefit from the effects of NBR long term?

A: While your level of freedom and well-being can and will rapidly increase an ongoing practice will make your newly acquired habit a steadier resource. Especially in an ever-increasing stressful environment.

Be prepared to keep investing 6 minutes daily to maintain your self-discipline/ritual in your life. You are more than deserving of it! Think of how many other rituals you do every day, eat, shower, brush your teeth, spend time online... Your Inner Being / Spirit deserves no less. 

Please take a moment and a breath to decide whether you are ready to do what it takes to create the transformation necessary to living a more connected and empowered version of you. 

It all begins with a decision. Yours only. 


Your vibrational frequency dictates your






(12 weeks)


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