with NeuroBiology Reprogramming

‘‘You are far more powerful than you were led to believe.’’

Dr. Dugast offers a precise blueprint to uncovering and harnessing what is already yours by nature: Bullet-proof resilience.

Her simple step-by-step approach allows you to understand the inner functioning of your mind, which gives you the ability to have it work for you, rather than be at its mercy.


As you develop mental resilience, you will also gain emotional and physical resilience and your goals and your ability to win at the game of life will become more certain.

Written for leaders, entrepreneurs, parents and anyone who wants to grab hold of their life and take it to the next level, Resilience will allow you to literally ‘upgrade’ your mindset, and regain true self-confidence, in readiness for success. Dr. Dugast AUTHOR PAGE Dr. Dugast AUTHOR PAGE

Due out end of July 2016


C o n n e c t i n g    t h e    D O T S

''There is no pretence: Life is difficult, 

but one thing you absolutely cannot afford is not to be

who you came here to be!’’


''Cancer and any other ‘hereditary illnesses’, poverty, lack of love, lack of self-direction, lack of ambition are all programs, programs that can be cleared for good.''


Dr. M. I. Dugast shares the essence of the Connecting the DOTS™ live Transmissions in this book. You will find these to be a most concise User’s Manual to Being You. You are the only Being that has the incredible privilege to ‘see forward’, and create something out of no-thing. You will find the two steps described in the book a simple and powerful Inner Way to more freedom and power than you ever thought possible. Practicing them will allow you to becoming a purposeful ‘time traveler’, and a resourceful and responsible Co-Creator.

You will experience release from worries, fears and illnesses along with creativity you did not think possible by connecting with your Subconscious mind, your Higher Self and Source. If you have been asking for a simple way to know Peace of Mind, and are ready to harness your Miracle Mind, your call was answered.


If you have been drawn to books on spiritual wisdom before, this will take you further. If you can never seem to understand them, this book will break it down into practical, everyday steps.


If you feel that the time has come to have the resources to shift your perceptions, so you can make true progress and enjoy the results you had in mind, this is for you. You can get beyond old negative programming and reprogram yourself in a positive way.


Your DNA is imprinted with greatness, so the only question is: Will you allow it to shine forth? Dr. Dugast AUTHOR PAGE Dr. Dugast AUTHOR PAGE



A n t i - A g e i n g   S e c r e t s

‘‘Real Success Unfolds from Within’’

You hold in your hands an extraordinary work, a truly unique manual that is filled with priceless information meticulously gathered from nearly thirty years of conscientious research and experience by Dr. Dugast.

Encompassing secrets from all over the world, from the most ancient and esoteric to the most up-to-the-minute and mainstream, Mahayana has managed to amass an extraordinary wealth of information from many different traditions and cultures, and has created a treasure trove of practical and life-giving advice that is as illuminating as it is comprehensive.


This is a work without parallel. The real gem is that so very many of these highly effective rejuvenating secrets are completely free and available to everyone, irrespective of age or gender!


A free-flowing fountain of youthful secrets, Mahayana manages to infuse the reader with an enthusiasm for the practices and mysteries that she so joyously shares. Self awareness is woven throughout the whole manual, which provides the reader with a firm foundation for anything they wish to change. Dr. Dugast AUTHOR PAGE Dr. Dugast AUTHOR PAGE

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