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Book I - The Return of the Sovereign Heart

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Together, they are the keys to humankind’s original blueprint. Apart, will they find each other through the pages of time?

Mona Devek is driven by an innate knowing. As a walk-in from birth, her life’s unfolding twists and turns serve to awaken her to her potential and identity and to reconnect her with an ancient star tribe. But when she publishes a work of fiction detailing her spiritual quest, something inspires her to fill in the blanks left by her as-yet-unseen interdimensional lover.

David Wilkins is a firm atheist and has long given up on happiness. Devastated by the tragic loss of his wife and child, the former award-winning film director shelved an unread book his sister shared on account of its uncanny similarities to his own life. Then on one transatlantic flight home, he finally flips it open . . . and by the time he reaches the last page, he is no longer the same person.

As Mona uncovers more about her true origin and her reason for incarnating, she discovers that the entire free will of human beings is at stake. And as David’s creativity resurfaces and he plans a return to directing by making a movie of Mona’s best-selling novel, he is shocked when he learns that the author he has grown to love is in a coma.

Can their spirits rejoin in the physical realm and save humanity from oblivion?

Ekstasis: The Return of the Sovereign Heart is the inspiring first book in the Ekstasis magical realism romance series. If you like a visionary and metaphysical adventure, with relatable paths of healing, where trauma and loss are transmuted into love, then you’ll adore M. I. Dugast’s journey into the soul.

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with NeuroBiology Reprogramming


Fed up seeing history repeat itself ?


Learn how to clear limiting beliefs at the speed of thought so you can blaze a trail and finally enjoy your version of success. At work and in your private life.  


Dr. Mahayana I. Dugast (Ph.D. Metaphysics) is the founder of NeuroBiology Reprogramming™ (NBR™), a self-empowering 3-step practice created from over 30 years of experience.

Resilience with NeuroBiology Reprogramming™ for Personal & Professional Success shows you precisely how to own your mind and have it work for you rather than being at its mercy. In short, silence your ‘inner critic’ so you can finally create what you have in mind, and at heart.

NBR™ is a simple 3-step practice adapted to suit your fast and busy life for instant benefits & maximum results.

You will also learn:

  • How to beat anxiety

  • how to stop being insecure

  • how to stop bad habits (they all begin with self-depreciating thoughts!)


Resulting in your feeling freer, building self worth and regaining self empowerment.

Many resilience powerful practices are included in this book, as well as exercises, case studies and lists of common limiting beliefs that can be cleared such as:

At work: 

  • My boss is a tyrant

  • This company doesn’t pay very well

  • I was never good with money

  • I’m too old to start investing / creating a business I love, etc.!


At home:

  • My partner is not very loving

  • All the good men / women are taken

  • He doesn’t see me / She doesn’t appreciate me, etc.!

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Due out end of July 2016

C o n n e c t i n g    t h e    D O T S

Do you feel disconnected, disempowered, stuck on a merry-go-around, seeing the same problems repeating on and on? Is there a gap between you and what you want to create or experience? 

Mind revolution, Connecting the DOTS reveals who you are, how you function and where the problem comes from, and gives you two simple steps to clear them and close the gap.  

In short, gives you a chance at uncovering happiness. 


You will know how to transform 'roadblocks' into 'doorways', become self-empowered, enjoy your true divine nature and gain access to your creative genius, source of healing & self-love

Here are some of the benefits and newfound capacities practitioners have reported from using the two steps:  

  • No longer care what other people think

  • Letting go of mental and emotional pain

  • Letting go of regret, shame, hate, control, stress or anger

  • How to heal your body using your mind

  • How to heal yourself when no one else can

  • How to let go of guilt

  • Heal your inner child and find your true self

  • Enjoy radical self-acceptance and more!


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A n t i - A g i n g   S e c r e t s

How to age and not get old requires a holistic approach. Anti aging secrets are many, which usually means you reading a pile of books on the subject and drawing a list of the best advice. But not here. This was done for you.

Mahayana's Rejuvenating Manual is a treasure trove of tips and practices you can easily include in your daily life. Even one small secret will contribute to you staying young.


It includes (but is not limited to):


  • My 5★ rejuvenating home-made moisturizer recipe (easy to make with essential oils)

  • A simple skin care routine that will have it looking smooth, radiant & hydrated, worthy of anti aging commercial claims which don’t always work so well…

  • How to transform your mindset around food (and a weight loss, belly melting exercise you can do in bed!) so you never have to diet again

  • Sleep, posture, meditation and regenerative sexual practices

  • Natural healing oils for men and women

  • Herbs for youthful skin and for thick and shiny hair re-growth beyond hair loss

  • Understanding ‘good’ and ‘bad’ fats

  • Antioxidants, super foods & alkaline forming nutrient to keep cancer at bay

  • Beauty from within with the best vitamins & nutrients

  • Beautifying & heavy metal detox baths

  • Water intake & purification using crystals

  • Banishing constipation & other aging culprits

  • A section on cosmetic procedures and much more!

I even included a few secret practices that I am quite sure you will have seldom come across, if at all!


THE RESULT? Everything you need to know how to look young forever! ♥

BUY Mahayana’s Rejuvenating Manual Anti Aging Secrets TODAY

and learn how to age and not get old!

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