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NeuroBiology Reprogramming™ Fundamentals
Connecting the DOTSto your Potential
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You would like to contribute to people in a meaningful way... offering one of the most influential Mindfulness & Resilience  

training available today, right as it opens.

Be on time for SUCCESS and ahead of the curve!


You are:

  • A coach

  • A teacher

  • A therapist

  • A nurse

  • A HR manager

  • An entrepreneur 


looking to grow your client base by teaching a 

programme widely in demand in schools, 

colleges & organizations.


You would like to benefit from considerable leverage by being part of an Organization and teaching a Trademarked Method.

As you may have already realised it, promoting and selling materials that are

not your own is far easier!


Receive the tools, the information and the support you need to take your business to the next level.

V I S I O N 

You see yourself being a leading voice in your own country, and be ready and in alignment when the time comes: ready and qualified to apply for the Master Teacher Training - Teaching the NBR™ 

Teacher Training.


This is an extraordinary opportunity as only ONE Teacher will be able to become an NBR Master Trainer in their own country (or state for countries like USA) 

NeuroBiology Reprogramming™ | NBR™ | is a method that Mahayana has developed over the last 3 decades, based on research, experience and practice. 

NBR™ is a fundamental science based on self-realisation education and geared towards self-empowerment.

It helps participants to regain access to their authentic self and to unpack their human potential. Largely solution-oriented, it proposes, although not always evident at first, that problems and challenges offer us the opportunity to reconnect with our true source of success and fulfilment. 

NBR™ incorporates a simple yet profound 3-step mind-body practise that participants learn to adapt to the busiest of lifestyles. 
It includes Modern Mindfulness (1) practices and a process (The DELETE Key™) to clear the imprint of the 0-7 Subconscious Factor.  


This method leans on the latest neuroscience research and cutting-edge epigenetics science(2), allowing practitioners to clear their own family


(1) traditional spiritual mindfulness practises made relevant to today’s fast and busy modern life.

(2) the influence of thought on the genetic expression of our DNA: Dr. Bruce Lipton

** This course is adapted for our fast pace of life, and is designed to be equally relevant for employees and leaders in Organisations, HR managers, entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses, school teachers and college lecturers, and private groups of individuals.

Mahayana has taught seminars around the world including Ireland, Northern Ireland, the UK, the USA mainland & Hawai'i, Iceland, Japan, South Korea, China & France. 

I am ready to increase my reach, develop my sense of contribution & grow my practice!



  • Have ready-made PowerPoint presentations to lean on and teach effortlessly.


  • Teaching materials will be updated on a yearly basis to reflect the latest neuroscience research & findings available.


  • Have access to workshop notes, exercises and meditations to share with your own participants.  

  • Order your ready-made certificates to give your own students.

  • Learn how to define your ideal client.


  • Learn how to create a captivating introductory and experiential talk for your audience and build self-confidence for public speaking.


  • Have access to different structures and programme outlines for weekly, half or full days corporate engagements, and weekend seminars for the general public. 

  • Be listed on this website as a Licensed NBR™ Teacher.

  • Receive Business Mentoring every quarter to gain support and keep on track with your goals and targeted audiences.

  • Support to develop your client base, to get help and to discuss your concerns.

  • We prepare for your first seminar while on the Teachers Training which will make creating your first seminar an easy process... and set you on your way to make some or all of your tuition money back!


  • Practitioners Accreditation from any former classes run by Mahayana, such as Mindfulness & Resilience, Connecting the DOTS, the Mahayana Method.


  • A qualification such as coaching, counselling, nursing, personal development and therapies, HR, etc.


  • If you don't have any of the above full training is provided with an online Mindfulness & Resilience programme which you will have access to when you register for the Teacher Training.

I want to discuss what is possible and consider planning my teaching success!


  • Most courses take place online except 1 day for your oral exams, graduation & celebration. This can still be done online if you cannot make it in person.


  • The course is organized in a way that you get a chance to complete your assignments and present your work as we go through the modules - saving on overload at the end! 


  • Course is taught in private - Please apply here

  • Be part of a Mastermind Group for peer to peer support and your questions answered as they arise. 


  • Receive mentoring with Mahayana to help you create the best experience to your students.

  • Learn some invaluable tools to develop your practice and increase your client base.

  • We prepare for your first seminar while on the Teachers Training which will make creating your first seminar an easy process... and set you on your way to make some or all of your tuition money back!


  • The licence is designed to provide Teachers with updated materials at all times, to stay relevant and deliver the highest quality materials. 


  • It also provides Teachers with a Master Mind platform and environment where they can ask questions and receive Mentorship from Mahayana for a fraction of the usual cost.


  • The Licence is included in your tuition fees for your first year of practice. It is then renewable on an annual basis and can be paid monthly. 

I have questions and would love to discuss what is possible with Mahayana!

I want to consider coordinating a group and inviting Mahayana to speak

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