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NeuroBiology Reprogramming

Freedom from mental programming 
Regaining Self-Empowerment

Reclaiming your Human Sovereignty

you are interested in...


Contributing to people in a meaningful way, offering one of the most transformational, self-realization practice available today.

You will be able to help people online (or in person) during these challenging times, not only helping people but also making sure you create an income for yourself. 


And you already are:

  • A coach

  • A teacher

  • A therapist

  • A nurse

  • A HR manager

  • An entrepreneur 

  • A spiritual practitioner


looking to add to your capacity to contribute in your community and / or extend your reach.


Benefitting from leverage by being part of an organization, having access to support and ready-made materials to teach seminars that are already well tried and impactful. 

The teacher training includes business skills and training to start or develop your own practice.

V I S I O N 

You see yourself being a leading voice in your own country, and would like to be ready when the time comes to apply for the Master Teacher Training:


Teaching NBR™ Teachers.

NeuroBiology Reprogramming™ | NBR™


NBR™ is a simple yet profound 3-step practice that makes use of daily living [including perceived adversity] to change the messaging within the body-mind from stress and entrapment to freedom and liberation.  


It proposes that problems and challenges are flags offering you an insight, an opportunity to change course, to reconnect with your true source of fulfilment, which is right within you now. More about NBR™ click here.

I am ready to increase my reach, develop my sense of contribution & grow my practice!



The following are provided:


  • Ready-made PowerPoint presentations to lean on and teach effortlessly.


  • Workshop notes, exercises and meditations to share with your participants.  

  • Certificate template to give to your students.

Note: Teaching materials will be updated to reflect the latest neuroscience research & findings available.

  • Learn how to create a captivating introductory talk and build self-confidence for public speaking.


  • Have access to different structures and program outlines for:


- half or full days for businesses 

and corporate engagements

- weekly evening talks or full weekends formats for the general public.

  • We prepare for your first seminar together while you are on the Teachers Training to help you gain confidence and set you on your way, and help you to make some or all of your tuition money back.

  • You receive mentoring once a month for a quarter following the end of the training to receive adequate support and discuss any arising concerns.


  • Practitioners Accreditation from any former classes run by Mahayana, NeuroBiology Reprogramming practitioner training, Mindfulness & Resilience, Connecting the DOTS or Unconditionally Human. 


  • A qualification such as coaching, counselling, nursing, personal development and therapies, HR, etc. is preferred but not compulsory.

What to do next?


Watch the intro webinar to see if this speaks to you and then reach out by email or using the button below.


  • The whole training takes place online over 6 months.


  • The course is organized in a way that you get a chance to complete your assignments and present your work as we go through the modules - saving on overload at the end! 

  • Final exams are also online, lasting half a day for your oral presentation. We use Zoom.


  • Your teaching Certificate is posted to you by mail. 

  • The Teacher Training is taught in small groups at this time. 


  • The Teacher Training includes a full review of the the foundation NBR™ course, leadership and business training. 

  • Modules and exercises are all available in the teachers' area. You send your assignement by email.


  • We meet every fortnight for mentoring sessions and support. Ongoing evaluations are used to help you gain confidence teaching as the course goes. 

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