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Subconscious Imprints


Connecting the DOTS Seminar - Hawai'i 2012-13



Each of us carries a set of values and beliefs we learnt throughout our life, reinforcing what we largely absorbed within our first 7 years. We took on these values and beliefs from well-meaning people in our lives like our parents or other family members who were often looking after our best interests. While some of these values and beliefs are good and can help us to thrive, many more are often fear-based, or based in lack, and have the effect of limiting the potential that lies within us, and with it our level of abundance. These fear-based blocks are stored in the subconscious mind, which is why they cannot be overridden by willpower alone.


A Success Alignment is about being BIO-CONGRUENT with what you want to experience, which is to say that

your mindset, your feelings, your beliefs & your actions can be united to create your desired outcome.

Why is this?

Simply because we are FREQUENCY, first and foremost, and frequency is the sum-total of the latter described. 

It can happen that you are consciously aware of these subconscious blocks as they show up in your everyday life as fears, self-imposed limitations and/or negative self-talk, and yet still remain. I identify four main pillars of life: our health and physical energy, our purpose/work/career/mission/finances, love (of self and others) or connection to the Divine within and without: your Inner Being. This is why for instance, while some of the latter may easily flow through your life, others may be more difficult, and you may even be experiencing a lack. 

Often, this can result in giving up a cherished dream or goal, rationalizing it as something that is ‘not meant for us’. This would be a shame! You are precious and so is your contribution to us all. 


  • The full process includes an online 60-90 minutes consultation/session, and another 20-30 min following your subconscious clearing to discuss anything that came up. 

  • Your session is recorded because the layers of programming can come off your subconscious each time that the (new) you listens to it. 

  • Following the consultation/session, Mahayana proceeds with your request and does the foundational clearing within a week of your consultation, which could take anything from 1-3 hours, depending on the case at hand. This is included and part of your session without any additional costs. 


  • The outcome of these sessions is to clear, heal and transform your frequency so you can move ahead unencumbered, and take the steps the same steps you may have taken before, but now clear to synchronize to your desired outcome. 

  • I work with a method called NeuroBiology Reprogramming™. For more information on NBR™ click here.

  • These sessions offer an in-depth, fundamental clearing and a renewal of your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical layers. The emotional link between the mental and the physical is cleared, in readiness for a re-routing of your frequency.  

  • The clearing is recorded for yours to keep using, and yes, it works each time that the perpetually NEW YOU listens to it. There is truly no end to your evolution, transformation and adaptation of gifts and talents already within you.


Business / money / career:

  1. This company doesn’t pay very well.

  2. My employees are lazy and ungrateful.

  3. I was never good with money / I can't be spiritual and wealthy! 

  4. Pursuing what I love will not make me an income.

  5. This is not a good time to start a business; I am likely to fail.

  6. Investing is too risky.

  7. I spend money like there is no tomorrow.

  8. Rich people are cruel / mean / evil or probably drug dealers!

  9. I am too old or not smart enough to start investing / to create a business I love.

  10. There is too much competition out there, everything has already been 'done'!


Health / energy:

  1. I have done everything I can to lose weight.

  2. Tomorrow, I will . . .

  3. Life isn’t worth living without chips, chocolate and soda.

  4. I need alcohol to celebrate.

  5. I have less energy because that is just the way it is when you get older.

  6. This... (particular problem) cannot be transformed because it runs in the family.

  7. I didn’t inherit the good genes.

  8. I am ‘big boned’.

  9. I don’t have what it takes.

  10. You can’t have your cake and eat it.

Relationships / love:

  1. All the good men or women are taken.

  2. My kids don’t have any respect for me.

  3. True love and passion cannot last.

  4. He doesn’t see me / understand me.

  5. She doesn’t appreciate me.

  6. Loving myself would mean that I am vain.

  7. Marriage is a story of convenience.

  8. If he or she... (did something to help the relationship), or behaved like... we might have a chance to make this work.

  9. A relationship should flourish of its own accord.

  10. All men/women are liars, and I don’t want to get hurt again.

** List extracted from 'Resilience for Personal & Professional Success'  - Available from Amazon in all formats **

See also Mahayana's latest book Ekstasis - The Return of the Sovereign Heart  to go on an epic metaphysical journey with the characters. 


My income has increased  by almost 25%, with February being the best month financially to date since I began my business 3 years ago…and this is continuing into March also. I don’t have the fear that I had previously of not having enough clients in the week…it just seems to have disappeared and I’m now more confident in my ability to create a better income.

All past fears of competition and self doubt have seemed to disappeared also and my stress levels and sleep has much improved…I’m being much kinder to myself and am looking after myself a lot more, making sure to fit in some well deserved time out for myself too! Thank you Mahayana

Agnes Kelleher

Wicklow - Ireland

As a result of working with Mahayana, my sales from this time last year are up 480%.  This is enabling me to move forward further and to start wholesaling out my products to retailers in shops, garden centres and department stores.  I am launching this new product range complete with new branding at spring-fair in Birmingham in February 2018.  Without your course and the increase in sales i would not have had the money to pay for the exhibition stand or new branding etc so Thank you Thank you

Jennifer Murray

Director - Serendipity Ltd - N.I.

I was shocked to find out that I have carried ideas and beliefs my whole life that were not mine AND on top that were holding up the very things I wanted! Over the last 3 months, my income has tripled! Wow, thank you for the clearings Mahayana. I also feel that I am much better equipped to make my new relationship a 'keeper' as I can now see what has been replicating my whole life. This is serious work, I am glad I found it. Cheers!

Marc Gibson

London - UK

This was a revelation, with hidden family lineage finally surfacing. I feel so much better lighter and able to face the challenges life brings up. I am getting better and quicker at using the tool you gave me. I am now able to truly, and from the heart, be willing to say 'thank you' for giving me the opportunity to clear another belief. Challenging at times but always worth it! Thank you Mahayana!

Mary-Ann Grant

Ontario - Canada

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Join the characters in Ekstasis - The Return of the Sovereign Heart go through many spiritual transformations from grief, trauma, and relationship difficulties, making big leaps on their journey to self-realization, love and freedom.


The book was calibrated at an 804 frequency on Dr Hawkins' scale of consciousness (which came as a total surprise to me!), a LOVE EMITTING DEVICE & HEALING TOOL in itself, even sitting in the corner of your room.

With LOVE from my Heart to Yours. Mahayana.

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