Time to reconnect to YOU?




A VIP transformational day with Mahayana 

Laser focus on You & Your Chosen Area of Improvement or Concern


Receiving undivided attention & guidance for a full day to: 

  • Connect the DOTS to realign and redefine your course of action in your desired area of improvement

  • Let go of something that is holding you up from actualising what you have in mind - health - relationship - career - connection to Creative Intelligence


A taster / condensed version of a Mentorship 

YES, I would like to find out what is possible.

How does it work?

  • This VIP Day can be done online or in person.  

  • We begin at 9.30 am and finish at 4.30 pm. Lunch & refreshments are included.

  • I am pleased to offer you a complimentary session 3-6 weeks following your VIP day to ensure your ongoing progress and success. 

I am looking forward to helping you

fully connect to your Authentic Self and Human Potential


I used to get really bogged down when daily problems arose or a client complained. It drained my energy and cut off my innovative mind.  The company was already doing well, over 1 M in revenue.

Working with Dr. Dugast allowed me to learn how to 'turn adversity to the companies' advantage'... and of course, my own!

If you are serious about your next level of success, book this Lady now!

John T. B. International IT 

I was shocked to find out that I have carried ideas and beliefs my whole life that were not mine AND on top that were holding up the very things I wanted! I feel much free-er!

Within days  of working with Mahayana, many things begun moving faster. I was already doing great but my income tripled in less than three months. 

  I also feel that I am much better equipped to make my new relationship a 'keeper' as I can now see what has been replicating my whole life. This is serious work, fun and powerful, I am glad I found it. Cheers!

Marc Gibson -  UK Entrepreneur - Investor

I had read 'Mind Revolution: Connecting the DOTS™ before I talked to Mahayana.  I had been in a relationship for 18 years. My wife and I had separated several times and I did not see nor understand what to do any longer. I was ready to quit. We both did the course and took a 6 month membership couple's package and I can honestly say that this has changed both of our lives, individually, and together. We are closer than ever, she gets me and I get her!

It's a miracle! (Mahayana's humour has rubbed off on us!) 

Frank & Sonya Petersen, Denmark

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