Mind Shift #2 - Fear of Success

Mahayana here with your Mind Shift #2. Today we are talking about the fear of success.

This is relevant to you whether you are employed or run your own business, particularly if you appreciate that in order to get different results, you need to do something different!

I am saying this because we all know that intellectually, but somehow, when it comes to taking action, we often feel unable to do so, and there is a good reason for this.

When I mentioned ‘doing something different’ right now, you may have already felt an amount of nervousness or anxiety come up, because this is the kind of thinking that can get anyone out of their comfort zone.

So let us have a look at what happens when it is time to take a step and do something we have never done before: The same neuro-chemicals get activated and the body goes into a state that is familiar to us all: the fight-or-flight fear-based response.

Thinking about doing something different in your business activates the same fight-or-flight response as if you had a tiger running behind you... looking for lunch!

This is because your body-mind recognises the object of your attention (a new goal or a new decision) as something unfamiliar and therefore dangerous. This mind-body response is designed to protect us, and it gets activated at the slightest opportunity. In business and your career, this can translate as depriving yourself from your most valuable potential.

As we feel scared of lack the confidence to try something new, self-conversation takes over which is how we keep ourselves from accessing our entrepreneurial genius, or getting promoted for example.

Unless there is actually a real tiger behind you (definitely a great time to run!) this fight-or-flight response comes from old programming that sits in the subconscious mind. This programming has considerable momentum over the conscious mind (including your will-power) as drives 95-99% of what you think, which in turn governs how you feel. Thinking and feeling put together create beliefs which drive the decisions you make and the actions you take. And of course, as an inevitable consequence, the results you get.

This fight-or-flight activates your ‘inner critic’ [we all have one!] which is excellent at taking over and entertaining a conversation with you that goes along the lines of ''I'm not good enough'' or ''I'll never manage'' or ''the market is overloaded'' or ''I haven't succeeded before there's absolutely no reason that I should right now,'' etc.! Focusing on what is wrong instead of making room to let in the solution.

Because the mind is a missile seeking target, it is going to locate the evidence and laser focus on all the proof it can find to justify its beliefs, relevance and preserve its existence. It will even rally up people that speak the same kind of conversation, so you can prove that you are right. Hence the famous aphorism ‘we end up like the people with whom we spend most of our time.’

So here is a Mind Shift you can use right now and any time you want to do something different. While it will not fully clear a long standing subconscious belief, it will benefit you considerably.

Next time you feel really nervous about doing something different to grow your business revenue and client reach, or maybe learn some new skills so you can become more valuable and therefore be paid more money: next time you feel that fight-or-flight rush disallow your self-confidence, this is what I want you to tell yourself: ''I'm not nervous, I'm excited!''

I know it sounds a little bit silly but it works!

Read it loud: ''I'm not nervous, I'm excited!''

One more time: ''I'm not nervous, I'm excited!''

The same neurochemicals that fire up the fight-or-flight get activated whether you are out on a date or you have to learn some new skills or get resources to grow your business.

This simple phrase will help you a little more resourceful next time you take a leap towards your potential. This is when you can finally do something different, and get the results you have been wanting to create.

Thank you for reading and sharing if you like it.

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To your success,



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