What is NeuroBiology Reprogramming™?

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Let's first have a look at Neurobiology, which is simply the electrical system that processes the information between the brain and the rest of the body.

The information that this electrical system conveys through the body is far too often, for too many people, based in daily stress, guilt, fear, worry, self-disapproval, sometimes self-hatred which makes it very, very hard to have access to that which we really want to experience.

NeuroBiology Reprogramming™ —NBR™ for short— is very simply about developing a practice so we can change the kind of information that is being entertained in the body-mind so we can actually have different results.

There is a phrase you have heard thousands of time which is that, in order to get different results, you have to do something different, and NBR™ is a self-discipline that will allow you to do just that.

There are only 3 steps to this method. It is very simple.

The 1st is about Connecting the DOTS™ so it is about helping participants to reconnect to their own innate source of calm, certainty, increased awareness, peace of mind and resourcefulness amidst the daily bustle.

The wonderful thing about it is that the participants learn to adapt the practice to their own lifestyle which means that it is tailor-made and that essentially means that it is really easy to use as they go about their busy day.

Success lies in adaptation.

The 2nd step is a deepening of the 1st, also tailor-made, that allows participants to get a break from the incessant mental and emotional merry-go-round. For a lot of people, this helps them in being able to let go of something in the past and feel freer in the moment.

The 3rd step is all about regaining control of the mind and with it, developing mental and emotional resilience which can lead to physical resilience.

The participants learn how to identify values and beliefs that have often been in the way of the very thing they wanted to experience, or develop, or take to the next level, and of course, they learn how to clear these success inhibitors using NBR™. They can then redesign and actualize aspects of their lives and finally enjoy the different results they've been wanting!

Thank you very much for your attention and I'm particularly grateful as I know how busy you are.

If you would like to find out more about NBR™ or would like to consider applying for the training, check out the following resources:

Intro Dec 4th – 7 pm London - Sign up free & to get a replay


Practitioner & Teacher Training info here

Click here to book an inquiry call and ask any questions

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