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''It was Monday, January 26th 2009. The day after my first seminar in several years.

The book 'Connecting the DOTS™ had gotten press attention, so it was a big class. I felt fantastic, mainly because of the positive feedback from the participants who felt they truly benefited. This was my true reason for doing what I loved most, while helping me to get over a serious fear of public speaking!

As a single parent of three boys for the past 9 years at that time, this was the first time in a long time that I felt somewhat back to myself, able to put some energy back into my career. It was with a light-hearted ‘Gooood morning!’ that I answered the phone that day, not expecting to hear my doctor’s voice.


It took less than a fraction of a second for my mind to analyse her tone of voice, flat and grave, before adrenaline pumped through my whole body. I felt hacked at the knees, my breath shortened and almost stopped, and my heart started to beat so loud that I briefly glanced outside the window to make sure no one was waiting at the door.

“Hey Sandra, how are you?”

“Fine, thanks. Listen, the news isn’t good”, she paused for a second, “this isn’t going to be one of these things that you can woo-woo away, alright?”

Her ominous introduction put me on high-alert, so I instantly begun using my internal tools. In her defence, Dr. S. Corrigan (changed to protect confidentiality) had to put with me for the last 20 years. Natural healing and metaphysics were not practices for which her profession had any respect, understandably, but we seemed to have an unspoken agreement between us. The fact I almost never found the need to use the allopathic prescriptions she gave me did not discredit her diagnosis. I had great respect for her and her profession. She seemed to hold something similar for me, although no such conversation ever took place.

‘‘The cancer we suspected is confirmed, and going into a stage 2. I took the liberty to book you in on Wednesday for a procedure, as catching it early means you can win this.’’

She proceeded to talk about my mother’s hysterectomy and the obvious hereditary factors. While a part of me heard her words in the background, the rest of my mind wandered off looking to connect with my source of wisdom. I was shocked but not surprised as I had dreamt only 6 months prior that I had cancer.

Who dreams about having cancer?

Someone who is going to have cancer!

Still the irony of the timing seemed to be either a mockery or a test from the matrix of all possibilities. Especially following a weekend spent on sharing tools to clear hereditary lineage. I chose to accept the challenge as a gift, to love my cells instead of ‘fighting’ some. Connecting my own DOTS™ allowed me to experience spontaneous remission, and show me that almost all things can be transmuted.''

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