The Essence of Mindful & Inspirational Leadership Through Times of Change & Adversity

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Irrespective of whether you work in a leadership capacity or not, I invite you to see yourself as a leader because you can lead your own life in the direction that you would like it to go.

If you already work as a leader, I personally believe you can inspire others to action, rather than manage or push to action. When you remain calm and resourceful in the face of adversity, and have the resilience to motivate your people from a place of inspiration, it is easier for each person to want to contribute to the best of their ability. When everyone does this, the result is always positive.

You cannot transmit what you do not live – You cannot inspire others if you feel dis-empowered

I believe that becoming a leader in your own right means developing a solid, daily discipline that works for you, first and foremost. Put simply, we tend to follow by example rather than instruction which is due to the deep sense of ‘knowing’ we are all privy to, albeit unconsciously, that contributes to shaping our mood and defining our own attitude.

Every successful leader makes a daily decision to do what it takes to create the outcome they want – and then proceeds to take step to make it happen. Powerful mental resilience is essential as it governs emotional and physical resilience which in turn influences your surroundings.

As you learn to navigate the rough seas of uncertainty while still making decisions to advance your business or your department, you will begin to feel a sense of fulfilment as your own resilience levels increase. As you become more resilient, so too will the people around you.

Cultivating a mindfulness practice to survive and thrive

Whether recently promoted to a leadership position or working as a leader for a number of years, the level or responsibility, overload or lack of information given from superiors, uncertainty and negative feedback and criticism can be tough to handle. Mindfulness can help you to not personally associate with these difficult elements.

The essence of mindfulness is about witnessing ‘that’ which is taking place in the moment. It is the ability to switch to the ‘inner observer’s' point of view, watching your thoughts, your emotions and the sensations within your own body, without engaging with any of them, giving you a chance to rest as consciousness, and get a break from the tyrannical mental-emotional duo.

As you learn to take this ‘inner inventory’, it is almost as if these thoughts, emotions and body are not your own. And yet, these are very much the attributes and the container through which you experience your life and can make use of your deeper human potential.

Adding resilience to tackle difficult personal values and beliefs

Beyond being able to be mindful, resilience gives you the ability to sustain an amount of set-backs or an amount of negative anticipation that springs from fear. Some of the most common fears we all experience are the fear of failure, the fear of not being enough, or not being liked.

Developing resilience, beginning with mental resilience, can help you to understand how each thought shapes a particular emotion, and how the two of these combined determine what opportunities and what results can be created, or why they remain unavailable to you. As you come to understand how each value and belief you entertain creates a particular outcome, you begin to realise that you have a choice. You can decide to clear what does not serve you, and even create new habits.

It turns out that the mind is quite similar to any kind of software we use daily, like our phone and computers. In the same way, it is timely and almost evident to understand the importance of ‘upgrading’ our own ‘mental software’, so we can not only increase our personal resilience, but actually access some of our untapped potential. The more inspirational your leadership, the easier it is for people around you to contribute. Indeed, they may even get an amount of fulfilment, especially as you can express heartfelt acknowledgement and appreciation for a job well done.

‘‘You are far more resourceful than you were led to believe.’’

What we are all up against

Although valuable in many ways, one of the major drawbacks of our educational system is that it has programmed us ‘what to think’ rather than ‘how to think’. This is the reason we have learned to ignore or discredit our own inner wisdom, our gut instinct and override our personal integrity. We have diligently learnt to give our power away which has naturally fostered the only thing that it could: an acute lack of self-trust, a lack of self-worth and as a result, a lack of resilience.

Daily self-discipline will allow you to reclaim your personal potential and to begin feeling a measure of self-empowerment, long overdue. With diligent use of a few simple steps, you can have access to what any successful leader or entrepreneur has: self-mastery which leads to extraordinary results, the essence of success. The same practice will also work if you simply want to regain personal fulfilment and use the same tools in your personal life and relationships.

Your response-ability in the face of challenge

There are 2 different ways you can define any problem.

The first is to see it as an insurmountable event, where you will feel victimised and probably resort to blame. But the use of blame is one of the most dis-empowering choices you can make. Blame means that someone or something else has all the power, which leaves you with none. Not something to cultivate, especially if you need to inspire a team to keep moving through a difficult time – or times of change.

The second choice is to accept what has already come to pass, or is imminent—through the practice of mindfulness—and learn to become mentally resilient so you can turn any challenge into an opportunity – the opportunity for you to use some of your untapped human potential. As you decide to lead in this way, others will follow and will be less prone to daily fear and worry.

I would even advance this one step further and say that it is actually because you are vastly resourceful that an opportunity has arisen to give you a chance to delve in and access some untapped potential. In this light, a problem is the same as a goal: it is an opportunity to tap into more of your potential.

Overcoming old habits is challenging

While we would all rather choose a straight and direct line to success, with more ease than hardship, you already know life isn’t always that easy. Millions of years of evolution are still imprinted onto our ‘old brain’, which is why our neuro-biology has us responding to challenges in the same way that is used to respond to a dangerous threat. This is why taking our life or our department to the next level can feel so daunting, as opportunities often come in hiding, looking like challenges. This ‘old brain’ mechanism is designed to protect us from harm, so we are programmed to retreat and even flee in the face of challenge. Yet, success is often right beyond challenge…

The solution is just one decision away

You are the most important and valuable asset in your own life, and also the common denominator to all your life’s events. The outcomes always depend on your choices, whether conscious or unconscious, so the decision to identify your own challenges, and get the tools to overcome them can be life altering. Knowing that you have such a choice is empowering in itself.

If you feel that the time has come for you to make that choice, I invite you to join me and get some tools and processes that are easy to use as they are adapted to your fast and busy life.

We will be ‘Connecting the DOTS™’ to your human potential, as I offer a Mindfulness & Resilience Practitioner & Teacher Training that takes place ONCE per year in-person, and also ONCE per year online. Depending on when you are reading this, you could be in luck! Check the dates below and on my homepage

When there are no seminar dates, the same training is available as a private intensive programme, which includes some coaching and a weekend retreat in West Cork.

If you would like to add Mindfulness & Resilience to your professional practice and teach others, the upcoming course is the foundation required for the Teacher Training.

Mindfulness Weekend 6-7th May – West Cork (Limited to 12 participants)

Resilience Weekend 2-4th June

Subconscious Clearing Weekend 18th-20th August

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The full method is outlined in Dr. Dugast’s latest book RESILIENCE for Personal & Professional Success available from Amazon in all formats

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