Everlasting Peace of Mind... An Illusion?

However long you have been practising mindfulness, you will have no doubt found out that moments of peace and profound awareness come and go, reflecting the nature of life itself.

Over the last 30 years, during my formative years in India and more recently in Hawaii, I had the incredibly good grace to learn from a handful of wise Elders. Across many cultures and practices, it turns out that there is a common thread, which is that awareness has its own rhythm, just like breath or the pulse of the Cosmos.

So the practice of mindfulness is not about desperately clinging onto an ideal about remaining continuously aware for long periods of time. This is in itself not possible due to the nature of the mind*. Rather, it is about accepting that change, being one of the few constant truths applies to awareness too.

Therefore, what is required is a practice that can allow us to come back to our source of power and well-being, moment by moment.

Is is when I begun working with busy entrepreneurs and employees who did not have the time nor the patience to sit for long periods of time that NeuroBiology Reprogramming™ (NBR™) was inspired into creation.

The first step of NeuroBiology Reprogramming™ is called the BBC - Body-Breath-Connection. Is is designed to enable practitioners to benefit from 'walking mindfulness', which is the ability to come back to full awareness moment by moment, without needing a special time or place to do so. This is a simple yet powerful practice which participants learn to adapt to their own particular day-to-day pace and situation.

For new practitioners, it will provide the instant ability to regain calm and resourcefulness amidst daily bustle and adversity.

For lifelong practitioners, it will provide a vehicle to connect with the essence of mindfulness practice in its origin, which is about realising your self, more commonly known as self-realisation.

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but rather coming back to being present as often as possible.’’

Even for them! Moments of complete and absolute peace come and go. Consciousness also has it own rhythm, like your own breathing. Sometimes you find yourself quite conscious, and sometimes you don't. This is what allowed me to develop simple tools and processes that I share during classes.

The self-discipline and spiritual practice lies in the ability to accept what is, without grasping for an ideal.

When I offered my training in Hawaii, the most revered and ancient Elder on Maui promised she would come to every seminar... and she always did, much to my surprise. What an honour that was! It turns out that, the more you know, the less you know, more humble you become, and the more you are willing to practice at any occasion.


Are you already practising mindfulness? How wonderful, you already on your way to experiencing true wealth. I propose to further contribute to your well-being, and share this incredibly simple practice, which I call 'Integrated Practical Awareness' adapted to your fast and busy life.

It will:

  • Contribute to your well-being and personal power sustainability throughout the day (supplying you with mental / emotional / physical energy which are all connected)

  • Give you the staying power to see projects and goals to completion (and arrive all in 1 piece!)

  • Open the space within for creative / innovative ideas (depending on your job)

  • Have the mental capacity for high demand workload

  • Give you internal stability and patience for effective leadership

'In times of challenge,

our survival and thriving does not depend on strength,

but on adaptability'


How to adapt? By tuning into your own BBC! Your Body-Breath Connection is incredibly simple, and it can count as your first ‘safety rope’, your emergency practice. It will reconnect you to your core, and help from going into overdrive when extremely busy.

Once practiced regularly, it will become a habit, one of the good ones! It will allow you to notice any outmoded mindset, in readiness for transformation, and to begin harnessing your fuller potential. For right now, it can simply enable you to manage yourself. Easier done than said!


  1. Simply put your attention on your feet, and note the shoe around them.

  2. Also note your shoe resting on the ground.

  3. Notice the breath (luckily it is automatic!) and allow a slightly deeper breath. That’s it!

WHEN & WHY PRACTICE tuning into your own BBC?

  • Before you pick up the phone

  • As you switch on your computer (note the overwhelm sensation in your stomach?)

  • As you notice ALL the emails screaming for your attention NOW!

  • Before you answer a knock at the door

  • Before a board meeting

  • Before submitting your ideas / your reports

  • As you meet adversity in the work place

  • When you feel that you lack self-confidence

  • Before a job interview

  • Before you open the door, once back home and with your spouse / children

You get the idea... anytime basically!

Like any other habit, once practiced, this will become ‘your default setting’. You will find it handy when crisis hits, or simply to increase your sense of contentment and well-being, in your personal and professional life.

While you might say the same words, and perform with same actions, the minute you are connected to your own BBC, you are using a tiny fraction of your extended Human Potential... and trust me when I say:

‘‘You are far more powerful than you were led to believe!’’

Have a wonderful day... it will never happen again! (Handy if you are having a rough one! :-)


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