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Training with Dr. DUGAST

​When it comes to Modern Mindfulness & Mental & Emotional Resilience Training, Mahayana is a Leading Authority in her field with 3 decades of experience teaching across many countries in Europe, the USA and Asia.


She is the founder of unique method, NeuroBiology Reprogramming™ (NBR™), designed to make the intricate science of understanding and utilizing human potential a simple and practical affair, accessible to absolutely anyone.  

NBR™ is the merging of leading edge Neuroscience research with age-old, traditional spiritual practice, simplified in a 3-step method adapted and tailor to suit your ultra-busy daily life. 


Having worked with international participants from all walks of life, including teenagers, parents, business owners, seniors, leaders, believers and non-believers has allowed Mahayana to develop the wisdom and experience that makes her teachings relevant and timely.  


During seminars, you and your team will learn to develop your own, tailor-made practice which means that it is easy and realistic for you to use on a daily basis. This is the secret of true progress. Your practice will ultimately allow you to regain or increase personal power, trust, confidence and peace of mind. The ultimate resourcefulness package!

More about Corporate Training here. Introductory  You Tube Video for NeuroBiology Reprogramming™.

The same program is available online or as part of a Mentorship.

“In times of great change, our survival and thriving does not depend on strength, but on adaptability”

                                                                                                                                                                                   -- Dr. Dugast

Keynote & Experiential Presentation
 For Organizations of any size

Not just a talk...

  • An opportunity to enjoy an interactive, experiential taster with tips and tools to access your inherent resources right away 

  • Can be delivered independently, or as part of a conference or an in-house event within your Organisation.

Mindfulness & Resilience Training
An in-house programme


Designed for Leaders, HR and Employees alike

  • Can be delivered to groups of any size​

  • Can be delivered in a time frame that suits you best

  • Can be delivered nationwide and international




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