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6-Week Subconscious Clearing on Negative Financial Imprints

Webinar Series with Mahayana

6 sessions for € 125 or € 35 each 

Thank you for visiting me here, and a warm welcome to you!

Did you ever suspect that some of your own beliefs and values are not your own? That they are somehow the cause of your experiencing blocks and limited success?

Good if you said yes! Here is a fact: our minds run on 99% programmed (subconscious) beliefs and values, and almost none of these are ours. When these are positive and help us experience the best of our potential, it is great. But most of the time this is not the case, and these thoughts are rooted in a lack of trust, lack of self-worth and a true understanding of our personal potential.


What makes a thought a belief?

Anything we repeat on a daily basis becomes a habit = becomes permanent. We have access to all the research and neuroscience possible today to understand that these thoughts are only habits, forming particular neural pathways in the brain. If we can change these thoughts, and clear subconscious 'programmes' that keep replaying the same feelings, results & opportunities, we can make new grounds in our life. Because we process some 50 000 to 80 000 thoughts per day, you have an idea of why some things have remained inaccessible in some areas of your life...  Yet this can change and the decision is yours, how exciting!

The method I use has been developed over the last 30+ years of research and practice. Having travelled to many countries and taught people from so many different backgrounds has shown me that we really are all the same, with the same desires and the same questions. We all want to benefit from good health, plenty of energy and zest for life, abundant finances and money-growing-skills, making use of our talents, having good friends and fulfilling relationships, having real self-confidence and true self-esteem, and living with passion and purpose in as many areas of our life as possible. In fact, these are your birthright.  


So how could we be so far off the mark in 1-3 areas in our life?

Only 1 reason: Our own subconscious beliefs. These can be the results of difficult, past experiences, or be an idea we took on board while we were younger, often below the age of 7. Anything that comes after that, such as the normal kinds of daily stresses, including parenting, working, 'financial pressure, basically 'LIFE' are consequences [and NOT the cause] of these subconscious building blocks.

While we are subject to constant 'programming' from our environment, it can be cleared. The truth is that we upgrade our phones and computer, but for some reason, we have not upgraded our mental software, or if we have, it cannot come anywhere near it true capacity until we affect the subconscious mind. Since our mind, along with ideas that it can harness, is at the origin of your whole life, it is vital to know how to clear it, and how to use it, so you can control it, rather than be controlled by it.

Doing so will contribute to creating the 'new wiring' you need to make different tracks in your like... and finally experience the change and the results you deserve. 


This is a collection of replays, and each module begins with my reading through participants' requests related to the topics being explored on the day (see below for full outline), explaining why this is happening, and then proceeding with the clearing, and mindset re-wiring. 


The clearing is just like a healing session, you will be able to fully relax and be guided into a meditative state [alpha brain waves] where I will be able to communicate directly with your subconscious, to remove the blocks, mind-implants / viruses, values and beliefs that do not serve your success, purpose and evolution. While your conscious mind will be fully alert, your nervous system will be relaxed enough to let in the healing / the clearing.

From there you will be able to access deeper relaxation, and when your own theta brain waves are activated, you will be able to see/hear your next step to close the gap between where you are and what you want to create / experience / clear / take to the next level.

To finish, I give you a precise & SIMPLE PHYSICAL STEP and a tool to use and practice before the following week, to make sure you support the clearing you received.  



Get ready to let go of all your financial limitations, values and beliefs that are in the way of your getting ahead in your professional life. You can start by writing down the self-conversation you entertain about yourself / finances / your beliefs about money, your talents, etc. 

If you would prefer an INDIVIDUAL SUBCONSCIOUS CLEARINGS, please click here


My income has increased  by almost 25%, with February being the best month financially to date since I began my business 3 years ago…and this is continuing into March also. I don’t have the fear that I had previously of not having enough clients in the week…it just seems to have disappeared and I’m now more confident in my ability to create a better income.

All past fears of competition and self doubt have seemed to disappeared also and my stress levels and sleep has much improved…I’m being much kinder to myself and am looking after myself a lot more, making sure to fit in some well deserved time out for myself too! Thank you Mahayana

Agnes Kelleher

Wicklow - Ireland

I was shocked to find out that I have carried ideas and beliefs my whole life that were not mine AND on top that were holding up the very things I wanted! Over the last 3 months, my income has tripled! Wow, thank you for the clearings Mahayana. I also feel that I am much better equipped to make my new relationship a 'keeper' as I can now see what has been replicating my whole life. This is serious work, I am glad I found it. Cheers!

Marc Gibson

London - UK

These were an intense few months, with hidden family lineage finally surfacing. I feel so much better lighter and able to face the challenges life brings up. I am getting better and quicker at using the tools you gave us. I am now able to truly, and from the heart, be willing to say 'thank you' for giving me the opportunity to heal another belief. Challenging at times but always worth it! Thank you Mahayana!

Mary-Ann Grant

Ontario - Canada

As a result of working with Mahayana, my sales from this time last year are up 480%.  This is enabling me to move forward further and to start wholesaling out my products to many retailers.  I am launching this new product range complete with new branding at spring fair in Birmingham in February 2018. Without your tools and the increase in sales i would not have had the money to pay for the exhibition stand or new branding etc so Thank you Thank you!

Jennifer Murray

Serendipity Ltd - N.I.

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I experienced many losses in the past 10 years. I now feel much more confident in my own abilities and direction in life. Knowing that much of what I carried (beliefs and ideas) were not mine was a huge relief. I have regained a considerable amount of self-trust, which for me is essential. A big thank you!

Henry Kern

New York - USA

I recently gave a talk in front of 150 people, something I would usually find challenging - I used the tools that Mahayana gave me and totally rocked the place - I feel so empowered - Thank you !

Lorraine Archer

Sligo - Ireland

A horrible sense of 'entrapment'  had stopped me from moving ahead with my business plans for some time. After the 12-week clearing, I took a couple of session direct with Dr. Dugast and I can think forward again, the plans are solid, the direction is clear and I have all the MOJO I need to make this a complete success. A big thank you !

Francois Lacourt

Paris, France

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