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are your innate capacities. 

These simple principles are the foundation upon which you can enjoy inner freedom, orient yourself and know what steps to take to actualize your projects & manifest your heart's desire.  

Yet these attributes are mostly inaccessible because of mental programming (often fear-based, showing up as repeating ordeals), or under-developed because they have been out of use for some time or perhaps never initiated properly.

Their blossoming and ease-of-access come from daily use of simple practices, or self-discipline. This type of personal commitment is also known as the practice of self-realization.


Realizing your self.


This can greatly contribute to:

  • Self-acceptance, appreciation, love, forgiveness, empathy, confidence, esteem.  

  • The unfoldment of your spiritual path & potential

  • Your health & level of energy

  • Relationships, personal and professional, becoming more authentic

  • Adapting to the current changes through your mental, emotional and physical bodies

  • Accessing your innate gifts and talents  

  • Assisting you in times of spiritual awakening & integration, or momentous transitions in your life. 




Mahayana I. Dugast, PhD Metaphysical Science (USA), Author, Mentor & Founder of NeuroBiology Reprogramming™ (NBR™) with 30+ years of experience.

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Olav Østtveit 

Rolls-Royce Marine - Norway

I read Mahayana’s book “Mind Revolution - Connecting the Dots” and it resonated with me. I completed the Mindfulness & Resilience with NeuroBiology Reprogramming™ - NBR™ - ONLINE course, which gave me tools to succeed in my personal and professional life. 

Wilbert Olinde

Former UCLA Basketball Champion - USA

Isabelle Huwer.jpg

Isabelle Huwer

Auvergne - France

J'aimerai tellement que tout le monde sache qu'on est les seuls maîtres de notre destin et qu'on est pas obligé de subir sa vie, qu'on peut faire le ''ménage''!


Merci pour RNB™ (Reprogrammation NeuroBiologique™, une méthode simple, utile et facile. 

Jennifer Murray

Serendipity Ltd - N.I.

Jude O'Reilly

Performance Coach for Elite Golfers

A few years ago, I became aware of Mahayana's teachings, yet the timing never suited, so when Connecting the DOTS™ was being delivered online I knew the time was right.

The delivery was excellent, and having time between classes to practice and apply each tool, before adding another was great. My life will be richer and more fun integrating what I have learned in a practical way for myself. With appreciation.

Shintaro Ohara

Corporate IT - Japan

Charlotte Böving

Art Director, Iceland

The work of Mindfulness & Resilience with Neurobiology Reprogramming™ is no less than fantastic.  

Through daily use of the tools Mahayana shared with me, I experienced a complete life change. I now have more joy, peace and ease in everything I do.

It has simply become more enjoyable and richer to be me and both professional and private my surroundings benefit from this change. Thank you for this gift Mahayana

Rod O'Callaghan

Chartered Account, Ireland

I really enjoyed working with Mahayana. She is a genuine, authentic person and a caring and professional coach & mentor.

She delivers on her promises, and her work was created from first-hand experience. All rare qualities nowadays.

The content of her materials (NBR™) is quite serious and very enjoyable, and well worth practicing if you want peace of mind and professional resilience. This has improved how I approach and live my life and work at my business. Thank you.

Peggy Piccano Nacci - Dr. Dugast Mentors

Peggy Picano-Nacci 


CEO Boutiquologie Ltd, London

I did a Mentorship with Mahayana and greatly appreciated working together. She is sincere mentor and her method is simple, accurate and reliable. I started with a professional mentorship but we used some of the time to adapt some of the steps to my personal life, which was very useful. I am a self-employed entrepreneur (and mom!)

The work done together has help me to open up to more of my potential and clear some latent anxieties, which are now fully gone. I feel empowered, enriched and I know how to remain connected to my innovative source of potential, the minute I need it. Thank you Mahayana!

Mahayana's work has definitely helped me to connect many dots in my thoughts, emotions and physical being. The simplicity of her explanations and personal experiences fascinates me and makes it simple to comprehend, integrate and enjoy.


I recommend her books, classes and executive coaching, if you are searching for a simple structure which is very helpful in helping you reach your goals while developing the assurance that all is well as it is.

As a result of working with subconscious clearing from Mahayana, my sales from this time last year are up 480%.  This is enabling me to move forward further and to start wholesaling out my products to many retailers.  I am launching this new product range complete with new branding at spring fair in Birmingham in February 2018. 


Without your tools and the increase in sales i would not have had the money to pay for the exhibition stand or new branding etc. so Thank you, Thank you!

Mahayana's work is sincere, authentic and genuine, coming from no nonsense first hand experience.


It has helped me to recover my "Inner Peace of Mind", and also prompted me to study more on the human mind.


I have studied her work and read her materials 3 times and I am still learning things on my 4th read, It just shows that she transmits rare wisdom. 

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